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Great game, it's beautiful. I love the story and ambiance. Thank you for this game :)

beatiful game

i can´t download it


We've tried on our side to download it and it works fine.

Normally the download link redirects you to a Google Drive window from where you just have to click on Download.

Could you give it another try and keep up posted? If it still won't work, we'll find a solution for you to be able to play our game :)

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

i use the app when i try to download it it fails

Thanks for the details!

We don't directly host the game on servers for a very simple "the game is too big" reason. That might explain why you can't download it from the app.

We recommend you try directly from the website, as suggested and detailed earlier. But be sure to let us know if that doesn't solve your problem :)

The size limit can be lifted if you want, you just need to get in touch with the itchio team - that's what I did for Fallensteel :)